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Since 2009, I have earned a Masters in Educational Design and Technology and have also become an Adjunct Professor at a local Junior College. I have written a number of apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Many of these apps are available on the Chrome Web Store.

Projects I have written, and teach, using iLife include: learning about video journalism, video news reporting, public service announcements, making commercials, creating animation, photo slideshows, class DVD’s, creating original soundtracks, audio podcasting, video podcasting, digital photography, creative photography, documentaries, how-to videos, monster movies from ordinary items, technology class videos, video book reports, QuickTime editing, audio broadcasting (Internet radio), story-boarding and scripting. I tie into curriculum for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math as much as possible. All of my quizzes and tests are online, so even when the students think we are not using technology, we really are using technology. All of my projects and lessons attempt to meet or exceed the National Educational Technology Standards.

I majored in Literature and Communications with minors in Education and Journalism. I am certified in the State of Illinois in English, Journalism, Language Arts, Social Science, Business, Marketing and Computer Education, Business, Marketing and Management, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Technology Education, and Physical Education. I generally take at least one technology related course per year and attend numerous technology related conferences and institutes throughout each school year. I have accumulated over 200 hours of college level credit hours plus I am No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified in English, English as a Second Language, Journalism, Language Arts, Reading, Speech, and Title I Remedial Reading.

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I have been a full time teacher for many years. I have been teaching technology since 2001 using many Apple products along the way. Before teaching technology, I taught special needs students, using as much technology as I could get the students’ hands on, in alternative (Special Education) junior high and high school settings. I have grown with Apple, starting with Apple IIe products to Macintosh products and now using iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, iPads and more.